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We are no longer shipping hatching eggs due to the USPS no longer insuring them. We are selling poults for farm pick up only, no shipping. Poults are a week old when picked up. Fall Fire Farm is a preservation farm working with rare varieties of heritage turkeys. Please read the ordering information before you place an order. We specialize in non-standard varieties that have historical significance. We are working with Auburns, Buffs, Chocolates, Jersey Buffs, Oregon Gray and Regal Reds. We also breed high quality examples of Bourbon Reds, Blacks, Blue Slates, and White Hollands. These varieties are in the American Poultry Association Standard of Perfection and can be shown in A.P.A. sanctioned poultry shows. We also breed several varieties that are just fun to have around and enjoy. These include Fall Fire , Sweetgrass, and Penciled Palms. Fall Fire Farm has recently began working with the rare Laysan Teal. Check out the page to find out more. We also have several photocopies of old and out of print poultry books for sale.

We’re lifetime members of the American Poultry Association and the Society for the Preservation of Poultry Antiquities. We are also members of The Livestock Conservancy. We have been working exclusively with turkeys for over 10 years.

Poult prices are listed on the variety’s page. We sell them at one week old to make sure you are getting strong, healthy babies. Poults are pick up only. We will be delivering to a few small towns in our area of Northwest Arkansas weekly for a small delivery fee. There are no guarantees on poults. There are too many factors beyond our control once they leave our hands. If interested in poults, it is best to contact us for availability.

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