After many years of research, we have several photocopies of old and out of print poultry books. We are offering these books in content related bundles. Again, these are photocopies of the books, not the original books. All prices include media mail shipping. If interested in individual books, email us.

Domestic Turkey Bundle

  1. Practical Turkey Raising by Fanny Field 1887 36 pgs.
  2. Turkeys, Ducks, and Geese by Nourse, H. A. 1909 128 pgs.
  3. Margaret Mahoney Talks about Turkeys by Mahoney, M. 1913 176 pgs.
  4. Breeding Ocellated Turkeys by Lent, K. 1952 28 pgs.
  5. Turkeys, All Varieties, Their Care and Management Reliable Poultry Journal 1904 86 pgs.
  6. A Complete System of Raising Turkeys, Hens, Geese, Etc. by Browning, W. A. 1873 36 pgs.
  7. Turkeys and How to Grow Them by Myrick, H. 1905 186 pgs.
  8. Turkey Culture Russ, W. V. 1901 100 pgs.

Wild Turkey Books

  1. Breeding the Ocellated Turkey in Captivity by Lint, K. 1952 28 pgs.
  2. Pheasants, Turkeys, and Geese; Their Management for Pleasure and Profit by Cook W. 1899 204 pgs.
  3. The Grouse and the Wild Turkey; Their Economic Value by Judd, S. 1905 64 pgs.
  4. Game Farming for Profit and Pleasure by Williams, D. 1915 72 pgs

Both Domestic and Wild Bundles

American Poultry Bundle

  1. American Poultry Book Cock, M. 1861 180 pgs.
  2. American Poulterer’s Companion; A Practical Treatise on the Breeding, Rearing, and General Management of Poultry by Bement, C. 350pgs.
  3. New England Poultry Breeder by Fitts, R. B. 1850 112 pgs.
  4. The American Poultry Yard by Browne, D. J. 1850 325 pgs.
  5. Standard American Poultry Book by Trigg, W. S. 1886 130 pgs.

Poultry Houses

  1. Poultry Houses and Fixtures Reliable Poultry Journal 1919 116 pgs
  2. Making a Poultry House by Conover, M. R. 1912 90 pgs.
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