Can’t decide what variety you want? We also offer two different assortments for those who are looking for variety. The Super Assortment can be from any of the close to 30 different varieties we raise. There are no guarantees on what varieties you will get or how many. We also offer a Rare Assortment. These eggs could come from any of these varieties; Blue Calicos, Oregon Grays, Oregon Blues, Chocolate, Buff, Mottled Chocolate, Mottled Slate, Golden Narragansett, Chocolate Palm, Dilute Bourbon Red, Lilac, Red Slate, Chocolate Slate, Penciled Palms, and Regal Reds.

Super Assortment eggs are $65 
a dozen. Rare Assortment eggs 
are $76 a dozen.
Egg prices include shipping.  

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